Best Quality Burma Bridge Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

The classic rope walking activity is considered one of the simplest confidence and team building activities. Burmese bridge activity in Dandeli creates more and more excitement, while the camper balances on the slight swinging bridge and jumps from a rope like a separate bucket.

The Burma Bridge was usually constructed to cross rivers, ponds, and valleys during the planetary war and was by far the most important activity due to challenging mind-body balance and concentration.

The Burma Bridge is that bridge with three ropes and is a classic rope walking activity for people who love trilling. It consists of a thick rope at the bottom of the rock to travel on foot, then to move the two supporting ropes together. Whenever you move it decreases and hence the bridge expands.

You will really enjoy the suspended bridge while it tests your balancing abilities and endurance. We have this adventurous activity at Magenta Resorts in Dandeli. This activity is full of enthusiasm.

Burma Bridge activity is extremely popular among Indian states. People like this activity and luxuries. There is also the documentary with the name Burma Bridge Buster. Lastly, its enjoyable activities which most people like.

Burma Bridge adventure activity at Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort is an exciting fun activity for those who want to try something new. To walk across the Burma Bridge is a long thick rope suspended at a height, and holding two ropes to maintain balance.

The bridge is spread over a gorge. After crossing the bridge you can place it on the harness and attach yourself to the safety rope. You will really enjoy crossing the 40-meter suspended bridge. No training is required to try it out.

Crossing the Burma Bridge is a test of your power. As you walk, the bridge tilts slightly. Your focus should always be on keeping your foot on the rope with confidence. This activity challenges your confidence and balancing abilities. Therefore, be prepared for Burma Bridge activity in Wayanad.

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